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AYSC Fall 2021/2022 Developmental Team Assignments & Schedules

AYSC’s Executive volunteers and Club coaches have been working extremely hard since registration closed to set teams and schedules for the first half of the season. The large influx of players this season (up 25% since 2020) have definitely made it a challenge. Thank you for your patience.

What Team Am I On? Who is My Team Leader?

You can view your team assignment at:

Your team assignment will show your team ID, team leaders, field location, and weeknight / Saturday times.

Please note that for this week, ALL U9/U10s should come on Saturday for 10:00 am.

A HUGE thank you to our volunteer Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders for stepping forward – please help them as much as you can!

When Do I Get My Uniform?

Teams will meet and uniforms will be handed out on Saturday.

All players will be provided with blue jerseys (based on the size provided when registering), shorts, and socks. Games will be played with one team wearing pinnies.

TEAM LEADERS, NOTE: Some U7/U8 and U9/U10 teams may be short several pairs of socks – these will be provided as soon as possible. If you are missing players from your team Saturday please keep their kit and distribute at the next session, DO NOT return them to the container.

Questions about your uniform? See Jenn at the large container after your session Saturday.

Game Schedules

The format for weeknight sessions is half practice / half game. Team Leaders will conduct a practice session with their team, and then play an intra-squad game (sometimes called a scrimmage) for the remainder of the time.

The format for Saturday is to play a game against another team. Team Leaders will conduct a short warm-up session (10-15 minutes) with their team, and then play a game against another team for the remainder of the time. The U5/U6s will divide their team in half and play two games against another team. SCORES / STANDINGS ARE NOT KEPT AT THE DEVELOPMENTAL LEVEL.

Saturday game schedules, along with a field map, can be found at:

Each game on the schedule has TWO TEAMS identified by letters and a FIELD NUMBER that corresponds to the field map. Please take note of the schedules carefully.

Some temporary player shuffling may occur in-game to promote fair play, per BC Soccer guidelines.

There will be no AYSC activities on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Parent & Player Handbook

We would like to remind all coaches / parents / guardians / family spectators that any sort of negative behaviour at the pitch (rude or unsportsmanlike comments, verbally abusing players / coaches / referees / opposing spectators, etc.) is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

As a young player, it can be very unnerving to have an adult make negative comments about your person, your play, or your team from the sidelines.

Individuals who cannot abide by these guidelines may find that their player is suspended or forced to withdraw from the season.

Please ensure you moderate your behaviour at the pitch. This is a game and is meant to be competitive but FUN.

Please download a handbook from – this document has important information on basic “laws of the game” (rules), as well as a general overview of retreat rules, practices, and weather procedures.

Photo Day – Sunday October 31

Photo Day is set for the morning of Sunday October 31, 2021. Watch your email for further details.