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About AYSC

Promoting the Game of Soccer in the Aldergrove / Langley / West Abbotsford Area

The Aldergrove Youth Soccer Society, known within the community as the Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club (AYSC), is a duly registered non-profit society operated by volunteers. The objectives of the AYSC are to:

The Club operates under the auspices of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) through its affiliations with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), BCSA and the FVYSA.

AYSC’s soccer programs give our youth a chance to enjoy a sport that instills teamwork, healthy living and lifelong friendships. Our players come together across school and neighbourhood boundaries, from Langley to Aldergrove to Abbotsford.

Board & Membership

An Executive Board of Officers administers the organization with the assistance of many volunteers who hold special positions with the Club. In addition, Team Leaders / Coaches, Managers, and involved parents are crucial to the successful operation of the Club.

Parents and / or guardians of all registered players form the membership. The Club develops, promotes and organizes community soccer for boys and girls in the Developmental Soccer (U5-U10) and Traveling Teams (U11-U18) age groups that live in the Aldergrove area.

A Focus on Affordable Community Soccer & Player Development

AYSC is committed to PLAYER AND COACH DEVELOPMENT. The Club is continually seeking to expand our Player and Coach Development programs, under the guidance of the Club’s Technical Director / Head Coaches and the Club’s Executive volunteers.

The key to a successful Player Development program is predicated on the full participation of all players registered with AYSC from the age of 4 to 18. To encourage full participation, AYSC strives to make these programs as affordable as possible, ideally at no extra cost to registrants. AYSC does not believe that Player Development should be treated as a profit centre. Regardless of any player’s financial situation, they will be allowed to take part in any of our Player Development programs – no one will be excluded.

Player Development starts with our Fall season Developmental program. Our Club runs the program to teach our players the basics of soccer every week from September to February. The Developmental program is the backbone of AYSC soccer and is crucial to the future success of our Club. This is the level where good player habits can be taught and bad habits can be corrected. AYSC pays special attention to and promotes Player Development programs for the Developmental level.

In addition to running Player Development programs for the Developmental players, the AYSC Technical Director / Head Coaches and Club Executive works with the Developmental coaches to support them and give them the confidence to be able to work with the teams on their own.

The Traveling Teams program (U11 and U12, sometimes referred to as “8 Aside”; and U13 to U18, sometimes referred to as “Divisional”) are the most high profile levels of our programs. The extent of Player Development for this age level may consist of a weeklong training camp prior to the season starting if possible, with follow-up sessions during the season.

AYSC Constitution, By-Laws, Polices & Procedures

A copy of the AYSC constitution, by-laws, polices and procedures is available upon request.