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Aldergrove Synthetic Turf Field Capital Project

Two Great New Turf Fields in Aldergrove

The 2012/2013 season was AYSC’s first on Aldergrove Athletic Park’s two new all-weather synthetic turf fields, which were officially opened in August 2012. What a difference – not one game cancelled due to wet weather! These beautiful fields are certainly a step up from the gravel fields that many parents might remember playing on when they were young soccer players.

It took several years of AYSC Executives lobbying and negotiating with the Township of Langley to get the new fields built. Together the two fields cost over $2.2 million dollars to develop. While the Township of Langley paid for the larger field, our local soccer community – AYSC and the Aldergrove United adult soccer club, with support from the Aldergrove Rotary Club and the Aldergrove Credit Union – financed the cost of developing the second, slightly smaller turf field in a 50% cost sharing arrangement with the Township.

Outstanding Debt & Increased Field Rental Fees

Currently the Aldergrove soccer community still owes the Township $80,000 which is being paid back over the next five years (or $18,000 per year). The AYSC is responsible for 50% of the debt, or about $9,000 per year.

In addition to this debt, the cost of renting fields (grass or synthetic) is going up dramatically next season. AYSC will be adding a small field surcharge fee to the registration fee next season to partially offset the debt and field rental increases. However, we will not be able to cover all of the turf field costs, let alone make improvements to them (add spectator seating, goal cutouts, improved storage) or begin saving for the expected replacement of the turf in about 10 years’ time, with this turf surcharge alone.

Corporate & Individuals Donations Needed

AYSC is very mindful that many in our community face economic challenges, and we strive to keep our fees as low as possible while providing an outstanding recreational soccer experience. AYSC’s fees have consistently been the lowest of any Fraser Valley club for the past 10 years. To keep our fees low, we are calling on local corporations, businesses and individuals to consider making a donation to support soccer in Aldergrove. These new turf fields have made a positive contribution to the two local schools near the fields and have generated significant enthusiasm for community sports in Aldergrove. Please consider donating to this worthwhile project – contributions are tax deductible, and there are a number of ways we can recognize your support to our estimated 3,000+ family members, and the larger community (field signage, website logo / link, corporate logo on t-shirts, etc.).

For further information on making a donation to the turf project, or to discuss other ways of supporting AYSC, please contact AYSC’s VP at