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Coaching Information

AYSC Volunteer Team Leaders / Coaches

All AYSC youth Team Leaders / Coaches are volunteers. AYSC does not hire paid coaches so that the Club can keep registration costs low; “paid and certified” coaches are generally only provided for a Select program, which AYSC does not have at this time.

Volunteer Team Leaders / Coaches that wish to pursue certification are encouraged to do so, and the Club tries to provide the means for coaches to take the required courses and exams necessary for certification. The Club usually runs several coaching clinics throughout the season to provide Team Leaders / Coaches will the skills and tools necessary to ensure that everyone’s child receives the best coaching possible.

Interested in Becoming a Developmental Team Leader / Coach?

Being your son or daughter’s Team Leader / Coach for a season or two is something they’ll remember for a lifetime. You don’t have to have any official coaching credentials or training at the Developmental level – the primary responsibility is to help each and every player develop their skills to his / her full potential and ensure they have FUN!

The time commitment is low – two games per week from September to November (one weeknight and one weekend day) and one game and a 1-hour practice the rest of the season. If you have concerns about fitting coaching in with your schedule, please contact us as we may be able to work something out with other parents (co-Team Leaders or Assistant Team Leaders). AYSC puts on a few mini coaching clinics over the season to share drill ideas etc. with coaches, and some of the Club’s more experienced coaches are available to “show the ropes” to new Team Leaders / Coaches.

AYSC is a registered non-profit society that is largely volunteer-driven. Involved parents are crucial to the successful operation of the Club. If you are willing to coach, or would like to get your feet wet by acting as Team Leader / Coach or Assistant Team Leader / Coach, please see Volunteering with AYSC.