How Do I Become a Referee?

It depends on your age. If you are 12 to 14 years old you can take a Small Sided Referee Course and begin officiating U8 to U10 games as well as help out as an Assistant Referee in older games. Contact the Head Referee at for more information.

If you are 14 or older you can take an Entry Level Referee Course and become a Youth Referee if you are under 16, or a District Referee if you are 16 or older. Go to the BC Soccer website and click on the Referee Clinic icon to find out where the next Entry Level Course will be held. Contact the Head Referee at for more information (and find out how AYSC will reimburse you for your course fee and your first year’s registration fee!).

Our Expectations of AYSC Referees

  1. Show up to the game in time to talk to your assistants and tell them what you expect from them.
  2. Your referee attire is a uniform for your job, and you must dress properly for every game.
  3. Any referees that are experiencing problems with coaches or fans will be supported by the Head referee. Abuse will not be tolerated. We cannot, however, help you if you do not advise us of any problems. Contact the Head Referee at about any problems.
  4. With hard work, and a commitment to learn more about soccer, there are many opportunities, for you as an official, to advance to higher calibre games.

This season we are going to make a few changes to our opening pregame procedure. This will add a bit of professional flair to our image and reflect the expectations of BC Soccer and indeed FIFA. Art Bandenieks will review these changes by email with you. Also please add any pertinent comments to your game reports so that we can track any issues re field conditions, coach/parent dissent, and any unusual circumstances.

The head referee is mainly a resource person for all your refereeing concerns. Please feel free to email Art Bandenieks with any questions or comments at, or call Art at 604.856.1984. As always if you have any significant incidents or red cards given out at a game, let Art know. If you have any friends thinking of becoming referees tell them to contact Art for further information and dates of upcoming referee classes.