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AYSC Photo Day – Sunday October 31, 2021

AYSC Photo Day takes place this Sunday October 31, 2021.

  • Date: Sunday October 31, 2021
  • Time: individual team slots, see below
  • Location: Aldergrove Athletic Park – Field House

Your AYSC fees cover one player photo and a team photo, and will be provided to you free of charge.

You must arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your photo time to ensure you have time to gather with your team and Team Leader / Coach.

Attire: Coaches please wear your Aldergrove Soccer hoodies or jackets. Players should come dressed in their full soccer kit: jerseys, shorts, socks and running shoes (no cleats).

Health & Safety: Where possible, please wear a mask while joining your team and coach.

As every business has, our photographer Darby Studios have totally changed how they operate during COVID-19 to keep everyone safe – visit for updated policies and procedures.

  1. No order forms to pre fill out this year, all ordering will be done online and AFTER photo day. Details will be provided to each team on photo day to hand out to the parents.
  2. Parents will NOT be allowed in the photo area or gathering outside the photo area. We want to limit gathering as much as possible.
  3. There will not be any common touch points, no tables and no pens to keep everyone safe. Mask rules are “as required” by Public Health or the venue. They can be removed for the photo and then put back on.
  4. Come dressed and come to the photo area no more than 10 minutes before your photo time.
  5. With the approval of Public Health we are back taking team photos this season!


Individual photos, trading cards, magnets, magazine covers, posters, etc. can be purchased by each family as usual but ONLINE and AFTER photo day. Details will be given to each team on photo day about how to access these individual player galleries.

Time Slots

Time Slot Team ID Team Name
8:02 U5/U6 Team B Tigers
8:09 U9/U10 Team EE Falcons
8:16 U5/U6 Team D Thunder
8:23 U7/U8 Team L United
8:30 U11 Boys Div 3 Fletcher / Lehman AYSC United
8:37 U9/U10 Team AA Atlantis
8:44 U7/U8 Team P Panthers
8:51 U12 Boys Div 2 Farnesse / Noga AYSC United
8:58 U5/U6 Team I Cheetahs
9:05 U5/U6 Team G T-Rex Raptors
9:12 U9/U10 Team CC Tigers
9:19 U7/U8 Team S Wolves
9:26 U5/U6 Team J Spicy Dragons
9:33 U7/U8 Team M Electric Dragons
9:40 U9/U10 Team HH Knights
9:47 U5/U6 Team E Striped Tigers
9:54 U5/U6 Team A The Snipers
10:03 U13 Boys Div 3 Scott / Bell AYSC United
10:10 U12 Boys Div 3 de la Fuente Aldergrove United
10:17 U9/U10 Team BB Splinters
10:24 U7/U8 Team K Red Eagles
10:31 U7/U8 Team N Blue Dragons
10:38 U5/U6 Team C Fireworks
10:45 U7/U8 Team T Fire
10:52 U9/U10 Team FF United
10:59 U9/U10 Team GG Good Guys
11:06 U7/U8 Team O Aldergrove Cougars United
11:13 U5/U6 Team H Hooligans
11:20 U5/U6 Team F Hummingbirds
11:27 U7/U8 Team Q Grizzlies
11:34 U7/U8 Team R Rockin’ Wolves
11:41 U11 Girls Div 3 Wilson / Yeomans / Coris AYSC United
11:48 U9/U10 Team DD Panthers