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Last Day for Developmental Games Before Holidays – Dec. 12

Developmental indoor gym practices are now finished for the holiday break. Indoor practices will resume beginning Tuesday Jan. 5.

The last Saturday Developmental games before the holiday break will take place on Dec. 12, and Saturday games will resume Jan. 9.

NOTE: U5/U6 teams do not have outdoor games during the normally wet and cold months of January and February. A revised U5/U6 schedule with added indoor games for Jan. 5-7 can be downloaded at

TURF FIELD REMINDER: Please note that ONLY players, coaches, and officials are allowed on the turf fields, per Township of Langley rules posted at the field. These rules are intended to ensure we get the maximum lifespan out of our fields possible – spectators and their chairs etc. add to wear and tear. Please watch your players from outside the perimeter fencing. (If your child is hurt during play, it is absolutely ok for a parent or guardian to go onto the field if necessary.)