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Update from Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club

AYSC continues to monitor updates and guidance from BC Soccer, Canada Soccer, and the BC Ministry of Health and the Government of Canada.

Currently, AYSC’s Spring season is postponed, not cancelled.

We are hoping that the situation improves so that we are able to go forward with a Spring program, albeit likely a shortened one. The AYSC Executive continues to work on planning that will allow us to offer soccer activities to our community only once it is completely safe to do so.

For parents looking for activities to keep their children occupied, we have listed some simple at-home solo soccer drills below.

We trust that you are all practicing social distancing, good hand washing and sanitizing, and limiting contact with others outside your immediate family as much as possible. Only by acting together will we eliminate the COVID-19 threat. Please stay safe and well.

AYSC Executive

Figure 8 Dribbling

Requires: a ball and two cones (or empty plastic pop bottles, paper plates, cups, etc.)

The aim of this drill is to improve foot control of the ball under speed. Set up the cones beside each other with enough space in between (3-4 metres apart) to create a figure 8 path. In 60-second intervals, dribble the ball between the two cones in a figure 8. Make sure your knees are always bent, and lean your body in the appropriate direction. Keep the ball close and make sure your turns are short and quick, and work to keep your head up.

You can mix it up and make it more challenging by trying to use only the inside or only the outside of your feet to dribble, or only using your left foot or right foot.

Wall Juggling

Requires: a ball and a wall

This drill is designed to improve reflexes and get better at juggling the ball. Stand between 1 and 3 metres away from the wall (make sure it’s a wall you’re allowed to use) and bounce the ball back and forth between yourself and the wall. Make things more challenging for yourself by using your thigh, chest and different parts of your feet. Keep good balance and stay on your toes to help keep the ball in the air for longer while teaching yourself the proper weight and touch to use to maintain constant control over the ball.

Toe Touches / “Stair Stepping”

Requires: a ball

The aim of this drill is to improve stamina and balance. Put the ball in front of you. With your kicking foot on the ball, jump and place your other foot on the ball while removing the kicking foot, without allowing the ball to roll backward or forward. Continue alternating your feet with each jump. The key to this drill is to work quickly to increase your stamina while also challenging your balance and control. Set a timer and see how many proper touches you can get within a minute, two minutes etc.

More Drills & Activities

For more simple drills you can do indoors or in a small space to improve your dribbling and touch on the ball, see the following YouTube videos:

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