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Volunteer Proof of Vaccination Requirement Rescinded

AYSC was informed yesterday (November 17, 2021) through BC Soccer and ViaSport that the Order on Gatherings and Events issued by the Provincial Health Officer has been updated, which lessens the requirement for proof of vaccination for sport. You can view an infographic of the updated protocols at

On-field outdoor sports team volunteers are no longer required to provide evidence of double vaccination.

As a result, we would like to welcome back any team leaders who were required to step away from their teams the past few weeks.

If you are a team leader who stepped back but will not be returning for any reason, please contact Brian Hunter at ASAP.

As a reminder, the information contained within the Order are not directives of AYSC or BC Soccer. This is an updated Order from the BC Provincial Health Officer to all persons involved in youth sports.

The fluidity of this situation has been very frustrating for many, and we thank everyone for their patience.