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Updated Spring Soccer Information & Rules

Updated Spring soccer information and rules has been posted to the AYSC website.

Parents / Team Leaders, please note that season scores are not kept – games are for fun! There should be no “running up” the score – PLAYERS ON BOTH SIDES ARE NOT REALLY HAVING ANY FUN, OR LEARNING ANY SOCCER SKILLS OR SPORTSMANSHIP, IF THE SCORE IS 15-0.

If the score differential is more than 5 (e.g. 5-0 or 7-2), Team Leaders should adjust the play for a short period to make the game more competitive:

  • make your dominant team wait until the opposing team crosses the 2/3 mark before
  • allowing them to challenge
  • swap a stronger player or two for that night
  • have stronger players play as defenders, or only allow them to pass and not shoot on net
  • require your team to pass X times before they can shoot on net

See Spring Soccer Program for further details.