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Artificial Turf Field – AYSC Member Input Urgently Needed

Together with local community clubs such as Rotary, the Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club and Aldergrove United Soccer Club are actively pursuing the building of an artificial turf field in Aldergrove. Turf fields are playable in the rain!

The project requires political support. We have approached Council on two occasions and declared we have the support of hundreds of families to build an artificial soccer turf field, so that our kids wouldn’t have to practice on gravel and would be able to play soccer on rainy days when all the grass fields are closed.

You should have recently received a survey in the mail from the Township of Langley called “Your Services, Your Choices”. Please fill out the survey or go online to BEFORE January 26, 2011 and make your concerns known. Question 4 asks in part “How important are playing fields to you?” Parts 5 and 6 of the survey also allow comments such as “Aldergrove needs an artificial turf field”.

Please respond to this survey and let the Township of Langley know that Aldergrove needs an artificial turf field now!

Thank you in advance for your support.