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Spring Soccer Team Leaders & Assistants Needed

Parents / Guardians – we have a great opportunity for you to be involved in your child’s soccer experience and spending time with them. With the ‘no spectator’ rules due to COVID-19, this will allow you to be on the field with your child and watch them play!

Criteria for a Team Leader

  • Parenting skills – be encouraging, positive and have fun with children
  • Perform tasks like keeping the players lined up, helping them take turns, and other crowd control-type tasks, which can allow the Team Leader / Coach to focus more on the skills than the management!
  • Work one on one with a player really struggling with a skill or concept

Frequently parents are concerned they do not know enough about the game to help coach / lead a team. With more than one person leading, the team duties can be shared, as can ideas on how to help out a player.

We have found over the years that the more parental assistance at these young ages the more  successful and happier the player is. Beyond this, the Club Coaches will help design activities and provide a practice plan for the kids to participate in helping our Team Leaders (you) show their own unique leadership skills.

Please seriously consider helping with your child’s team – everyone in the equation will benefit!

To volunteer or for more information, contact Brian Hunter at