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Field Status February 26 – EAST TURF FIELD OPEN

Please note the EAST turf field has been re-opened at AAP.

The WEST field remains closed. Please do not play on the WEST field; there are hefty fines associated with playing on a closed field.

Also please see the message below from the Township of Langley – we will not know until tomorrow whether some of our turf time is re-allocated, and will advise tomorrow if AYSC is affected.

From Township of Langley

“After further consideration of the recent weather impact on the use of Township Park sportfields, a temporary realignment of turf distribution of the available turfs may have to take place for the remainder of this cold spell. If this occurs, the allocated percentage of turf time associations received for the Fall/Winter season will be distributed amongst the turfs that are accessible at this time. Given that at the time of this email, it may be too late for associations to change their use tonight, this will not take place until tomorrow.

The weather could also impact game starting times on the turfs as they may not be game ready, given the impact of morning frost. Turfs may not be open for play until mid-day, rather than the usual 8:00 am weekend start time.

Further communication to associations will be provided tomorrow.”