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Developmental Reminders – November

Photo Retake Day Dec. 4

Photo retake day is Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 7:00 pm sharp at the Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Center, 26770 29th Ave., Aldergrove.

Nets & Net Lockbox

A reminder that net setup and takedown is the responsibility of PARENTS, not coaches. Please arrive early enough so that the coaches can warm up the players while parents set up the nets. Please ensure that the nets stay on the middle crossbar, and do not roll the nets onto the crossbar, as this can tangle them; instead simply snake them back and forth in the bag.

Please also ensure that the portable nets at are weighted down by the black sandbags, located in the net lockbox (2 sandbags per net, one in each of the rear corners). Please also take care when taking out and putting in the equipment to ensure flags and corner markers are not damaged.

Practices & Games

The last day for gym practices this Fall will be Dec. 5, as schools begin to take over their gyms for holiday concerts etc. Gym practices will resume Jan. 6, 2014 when school returns.


We have had a complaint from the Principal of North Otter about the state of their gym following AYSC practices, where Tim Hortons cups were left in the gym, a bowl of soup was left on the gym floor and taps in the boys’ changeroom were left on. Apparently some players were also trying to pry open the electrical box in the hallway by the gym doors.

Parents MUST ensure that their children are supervised at all times while in schools where Aldergrove runs practices. AYSC’s gym contracts can be pulled if we are not supervising the players at all times and leaving the gyms the way we found them – thanks for your cooperation.

Tim Hortons

A big thank you to Tim Hortons for coming to our Developmental games last Saturday with coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits!

Tim Hortons, a longtime supporter of Aldergrove Soccer, has just launched its “I Just Played, I’m Thirsty” program for all Developmental players. Come into your local Tim Hortons restaurant after your Timbits Developmental game for a FREE small frozen lemonade OR FREE extra small hot chocolate – just for being a Timbits player and wearing your uniform jersey to the restaurant! This program is courtesy of your local Vancouver and Fraser Valley Tim Hortons restaurant owners.

Offer applicable Nov. 1, 2013 – Mar. 31, 2014 on game days only, one per player per day, in-restaurant only.

Lost and Found

Any items left at the field are usually put in the net lockbox – if you’re missing a hoodie or sweater, check the lockbox. A diaper bag was also left at Brown Park a few weeks ago – contact Bill at to retrieve.