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Saturday Developmental Games At Aldergrove Turf Field

Yesterday marked the last day at Brown Park for this year for the Developmental program (U5/U6, U7/U8, U9/U10). (A special thanks to Tracy & Bill Ede for running the concession down at Brown.) Developmental Saturday games move to the small turf field at Aldergrove Athletic Park starting Saturday November 3. See schedules and field maps.

Aldergrove’s two new synthetic turf fields are a great addition to our community. AYSC contributed about $200,000 to fund the second turf field, and these all-weather fields allow our Club to provide enhanced soccer opportunities to all of our members. For our younger Developmental players, the turf fields mean that we have a safe playing surface all year long, regardless of weather (any parents who played soccer in the Lower Mainland as a kid probably spent some time on gravel fields, and may have the scars to prove it).

Turf fields have an average lifespan of about 10 years. To ensure the fields last as long as possible, the Township of Langley requests the following:

  • there are to be no ‘biologics’ on the turf fields at any time (no food or drinks – water only), as anything organic can degrade the material that anchors and provides drainage for the turf; this includes “1/2 time oranges” (players should come OFF the turf field for snacks)
  • only players and coaches on the turf fields (spectators should remain OFF the field outside of the fence)
  • nothing should be driven into the turf surface (i.e. nets should NOT be anchored with spikes)

PLEASE ABIDE BY THESE GUIDELINES. Failure to do so will significantly shorten the lifespan of our fields (remember, the fields represent YOUR tax dollars!).