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Developmental Schedules for First Two Games Released

Developmental (U5-U10) schedules for the first two games of the season have been released and are now posted on the AYSC website. Game fields are indicated by letter on the schedule and correspond to the Brown park field map.

We are still working to finalize the full schedule and hope to have this completed later this week. Ever wonder what challenges go into making up the schedules? See Youth Sports League Schedules – The Domino Effect.

Some age groups have an uneven number of teams this year, which means that BYEs have to be scheduled (a BYE means that no game will be played). However, fields will still be assigned so that these teams can practice during their BYE slot.

Note that all Wednesday night sessions follow a “1/2 practice, 1/2 game” format. Each team should take 1/2 of their assigned field and practice or work on skills for the first 20 minutes, and then play the other team for the last 20 minutes or so. PARENTS, REMEMBER THAT NET SETUP IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, NOT THE COACHES’ – please arrive 15 minutes before game time to help with net setup and so that players can warmup with their coach.

Players should come to the field on both Wednesdays and Saturdays in full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks provided by the Club; soccer cleats and shin pads are not provided). Coaches will be provided with uniforms at the coaches meeting September 11. For the first Wednesday, players should come in any pair of shorts, socks, and a t-shirt, and jerseys can be put on at the field.

On game days, especially Wednesday nights, PLEASE LEAVE BROWN PARK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER YOUR GAME IS OVER to ease parking and traffic congestion.