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AYSC Donates Soccer Uniforms & Equipment to Cameroon, Nigeria

Aldergrove Youth Soccer recently donated several sets of old uniforms and equipment to a mission heading to Cameroon and Nigeria. From the missionaries taking the equipment to these countries:

“The soccer equipment that has been donated by the Aldergrove Soccer Association will bring a new excitement and enthusiasm into the lives of young and old, especially those who live in the very remote parts of both countries. Soccer uniforms are only seen worn by company or nationally supported teams. Balls are often worn and filled with grass or and in some cases home made using worn out clothes tied together into a ball. Most play the game bare foot. So the equipment that is being so kindly donated will be embraced and cherished like a treasure with the greatest of gratitude and joy. The Aldergrove Soccer Association has given an incredible gift to the young people of these countries that will be distributed personally by credible people who work and travel to the remotest villages in these countries.”

Photos of players enjoying previous years’ donations can be found below. Thank you to all AYSC members for your help in making this contribution possible.