Applying to Coach

Application to Coach

1. Complete and submit an Application to Coach form. This form must be submitted every year. Completed Application to Coach forms can be:

  • scanned and emailed to the Club Registrar at
  • dropped off at the Aldergrove Chevron, 26390 Fraser Hwy. marked “ATTENTION: Aldergrove Soccer”
  • brought to the start-of-season coaches meeting (typically the first week in September)

In the event that more than one individual applies for the same coaching position, coaches will be evaluated and selected based on a combination of performance, parental feedback and player preference.

Criminal Record Check

2. Complete a criminal record check. Criminal record checks must be completed every 3 years and should be completed by October 15.

Complete Your CRC Online (Preferred)

Most criminal record checks can be completed online at no cost in just a few minutes via an online process. Please contact the Club’s Risk Management Officer to obtain a website link and access code.

Complete Your CRC In Person

You can also complete your criminal record check in person at the police agency for the city in which you reside (e.g. if you live in Langley, visit the Aldergrove Community Policing Office at 270th and Fraser Hwy or any Langley RCMP office; if you live in Abbotsford, visit the Abbotsford Police Department headquarters).

Please bring your photo ID and a Volunteer Confirmation Letter (PDF) letter from the AYSC. In-person criminal record checks are free and only take about 15 minutes. As indicated in the volunteer confirmation letter, the RCMP should send the completed criminal record check to the AYSC at:

ATTENTION: Risk Management Officer
Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club
P.O. Box 582
Aldergrove, B.C.
V4W 2V1

The results of the criminal record check will be forwarded in confidence to AYSC’s Risk Management Officer, who will only follow up with you if there is an issue with your check.