Annual Referee Registration

Annual Registration Cycle for all BC Referees: April 1 to March 31

What Does this Mean for Me as a Coastal Referee? (Lower Mainland & Island)

On an annual basis Coastal Referees must attend a Referee Refresher Clinic in the late Summer / Fall (between August 15 and November 15), which enables them to register annually with BC Soccer. (Example: attend a September 3, 2011 Refresher Clinic which allows you to perform your annual referee registration for the April 1, 2012 through to March 31, 2013 season.)

Annual referee registration fees are as follows:

  • Youth Referee – $50
  • District Referee – $50
  • Regional Referee – $50
  • Provincial Referee – $50
  • National – $50
  • FIFA – $50

A $4.25 user fee / system processing fee is also charged if you pay online. You can also send a cheque to BC Soccer for $50 instead:

British Columbia Soccer Association
Suite 510 – 375 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5C6

To find a Referee Refresher Clinic go to the BC Soccer website and click on the Referee Clinics icon on the bottom left of the page.