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The AYSC is a volunteer-run organization. Without volunteers, the Club would cease to exist. By volunteering with the AYSC, you are demonstrating a commitment to your child, the community, and the sport of soccer.

Volunteer Roles

Below are some of the volunteer roles that exist within the AYSC:

  • Executive member
  • age group coordinator
  • coach
  • assistant coach
  • team manager
  • net wrangler (setup / takedown of nets)
  • oranges provider
  • first aid attendant (must hold basic first aid certificate)
  • photographer (for website / for submission to local newspapers for the purpose of promoting Aldergrove Soccer)
  • other Club-requested volunteer activities (dance help, concession assistance, year end wind-up assistants, player try-outs, registration assistants, etc.)

Executives-in-Training Needed

The AYSC is looking for parents to step forward and volunteer for Executive positions with our Club. Many of the current Executive no longer have children playing in the Club, and are due to move on; without new volunteers stepping forward, the Club will be forced to fold. To get involved, we invite you to attend our Executive meetings, held every month. Contact the Club President at for more information.