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Two New Aldergrove Turf Fields Approved

We did it! This Fall we will have 2 synthetic turf fields for all our soccer players to play and practice on. This means no more rain outs at Brown Park for our youngest players. For our older players this means we now have a safe lit area for all our practices in our own neighbourhood. The older kids will also see more of our adult men’s and women’s teams practicing later in the evening. No more drives to Willoughby or Macleod Park!

One field will be a regulation sized field with covered benches and the latest synthetic turf. We will even have extra parking spaces. The second field is being built on top of the western most gravel field behind Betty Gilbert School. Its width will be standard size but it will be slightly shorter than full size regulation (not too different from Kinsmen and Jackman East Fields.)

To make this happen we have agreed to a 50/50 cost share with the Township of Langley. So far we have raised $135,000, including a generous $30,000 gift from one of our newer soccer families. Parks and Rec have extended us an $83,000 advance to be paid back over 5 years. This is a collaborative effort between Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club and Aldergrove United Soccer Club. Fund raising efforts are still ongoing and we are looking for sponsorships and or donations. Thank you to the Aldergrove Soccer Committee for driving this project forward.